When we were born

We were born fearless and  we let fear cripple our lives and ruin our dreams. The moment we become unafraid we will be free from fear. We will roar like a lion, the greatest roar will rise in your hearts, the roar of freedom


Positive mindset will set you free

When you are armed with a positive mindset you can never be defeated, you can fly high in silent and have the power to touch the sky like an eagle, fly above the negativity like an eagle, You can rise from the mud have the courage to go on when you don’t the strength do so. Did you know that you are holding the keys of your own life? All you have to do is to unlock and set yourself free from negative energy you have surrounded yourself with and hold you back.


No one can serve your purpose better than you

When God is your source you will never run out of strength to figure out what your purpose is. If you have already know your purpose . Serve it the best way you know how to bring positive contribution. In so doing you inspire others to do the same. If it’s teaching or encouraging others continue to teach and encourage. If it’s contributing to the needs of others give generously. If it’s leadership lead diligently. If it’s showing mercy do it cheerfully

Comfort zone, killer of your dreams


Comfort zone

You have allowed comfort zone killing your dreams , you mourned the loss of every dream and yet you haven’t mustered the courage to walk out of it. The more you stuck in it, there more it will continue to hold you back , You will continue to carry broken dreams in your heart and swallow the bitter pill of regret.



It’s normal to feel embarrassed and angry every time we fail, Every time when things don’t go according to plan. When we move or channel our energy in the wrong direction, we fail, we don’t archive our goals or reach our destination, but what we can learn from failure is that it’s a God’s way of saying “EXCUSE ME” you are moving in the wrong direction, It’s a God’s way of “STOPPING” us from moving or channelling our energy in the wrong direction. It’s a God’s way of saying you are not doing things the “RIGHT” way. It’s a lesson, so pay attention.



Just like lotus you too have the ability to rise from the mud, Bloom out of the darkness and radiate in to the world. You have the ability to set your own goals and achieve them and not  benchmark yourself with other people’s accomplishment and goals. The ability to soar like an eagle, to walk in your road and not expect anyone to walk it for you, the ability to find your worth within yourself. You can do it, you are able


Have you lost hope and faith?

Let God give you a soul that never loses faith in him even things don’t go according to plan, the strength to keep praying. Let him hear you when you cry for help, rescue you from all your troubles and restore your hope and faith.