Give your soul a break

You know exhaustion is not something that can be resolved by sleeping, you can’t simply shut your eyes, take a nap and wake up okay,you need a break from your mind, your feelings, this world, you need to get away just a little while and let your soul rest. Enjoy your Easter holidays good people !!!

Quotes of life

Dogs were put to compete with the cheetah, the goal was to find out who is faster.

Everyone was surprised that the cheetah didn’t move out of it’s place, they asked the race coordinator what happened!?

His response was.
′′ Sometimes trying to prove that you’re the best is an insult.

We don’t need to go down to other people’s level, to make them understand that we are the strongest.

Think hard and save your energy for what you deserve…

Cheetah uses its speed to hunt not to prove to dogs that it is faster and stronger…


What have we learned from this Pandemic?

So covid 19 caught all of us off guard, what we have learned is that pandemics require strong immune system. Here is how you can relieve pressure on your immune system now so that your immune system can be strong enough to fight against viruses now and in the future. According to nutrition and health expert you might rethink your sugar habits, too much sugar in your blood allows the bacteria and viruses to propagate much more because your initial inmate system does not work well, sugar weakens your immune system against viruses and infectious diseases by inhibiting the fighting strength of white blood cells. Monitor your sugar intake.

Please do heal it’s important

One of the greatest crimes we commit against ourselves is concealing pain and pretend that we are fine, pretend that everything is fine and in doing so we are slowly damaging our health, We all know that our bodies were not designed to carry so much pain and therefore If we don’t heal later on we will pay with our physical and mental health.Please do heal!!.