Things businesses should do to avoid late payment.

1.Find out if your invoice is ready or due for payment at least five days before payment day,

2. Find out if they accept discount for early payment

Let’s talk about supporters

why is it supporters for different sports teams always support their teams even they are losing? is it because  they love their teams( they are doing it out of love)?but when it comes to politics it’s a different story altogether some supporters can change their minds anytime and decide to switch to other  parties instead of supporting the same political party until it gets back on it’s feet again just like they do with their sports teams.


My aim is to engage and share my opinion with others about everything that is affecting our lives and ask question about things that are happening in this world. for example earthquakes. I want to know if we have a team that is focusing on these earthquakes. The team that can alert people about earthquake before it hits those areas so that people can be able to evacuate those areas and avoid premature deaths