Don’t let your dreams die a slow painful death

All of us have dreams. We have businesses we want to start, academic prominence to attain and so much more, but one of the questions we fail to ask ourselves is ‘why not today or why can’t today be the start of that dream.


Businesses we want to start


We put so much hope in doing it, we harbour the doubts for so long. It seems we are spending our lives preparing to take off, instead of actually taking off. We are so embarrassed by failure and crippled by fear that we would rather watch our dreams die a slow painful death than to actually try to succeed.


Academic prominence to attain


What matters is not how many times we fail, but what we learn from it. Start to pursue your dreams than to swallow the bitter pill of regret. Rather be remembered for who you were than who you wanted to be


3 thoughts on “Don’t let your dreams die a slow painful death

  1. To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can’t just accept the ones you like” you will realise your full potential the moment you take that first step irrespective of what ever circumstance holding you back.


    • We often become what we fear the most and that is why our dreams will die. This is because fear rules us. We are very scared to do what our hearts tell us and we spent time look it what other people are saying about us and what their doing in they are own life. Only you can make things happen. No one will make it happen for you. Only you can tell your Story better than anyone else.


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