The universe

All that the universe wants is for us to listen, to slow down and clear our minds, because a peaceful mind can think well than a worked up mind. Sometimes the noise in our minds is too much with no clarity on what to do. Sometimes we are too busy, moving too fast and destructed that we are unable to pay attention to what the universe is trying to communicate to us. Maybe that is why sometimes our bodies shut down and force us to rest, to be in a silent place on our own. Be kind to yourself and listen carefully to what the universe is whispering in your ears.

One thought on “The universe

  1. This is so true cause the world we leave in you are never given time to listen to yourself as there is always something that’s needed from you one way or the other and it normally benefits those around you accept yourself.Simple because you do not give yourself time to listen to nature(Universe) without any distractions more especially in the urban areas.The reality is that one should stop sympathizing with people ruther emphasize with them cause you will have inner peace in that you will find time to listen to the universe( nature )and your mind will be clear in the decisions you take instead of putting yourself in others shoes.


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