Please do heal it’s important

One of the greatest crimes we commit against ourselves is concealing pain and pretend that we are fine, pretend that everything is fine and in doing so we are slowly damaging our health, We all know that our bodies were not designed to carry so much pain and therefore If we don’t heal later on we will pay with our physical and mental health.Please do heal!!.

The universe

All that the universe wants is for us to listen, to slow down and clear our minds, because a peaceful mind can think well than a worked up mind. Sometimes the noise in our minds is too much with no clarity on what to do. Sometimes we are too busy, moving too fast and destructed that we are unable to pay attention to what the universe is trying to communicate to us. Maybe that is why sometimes our bodies shut down and force us to rest, to be in a silent place on our own. Be kind to yourself and listen carefully to what the universe is whispering in your ears.

Why is graveyard the most richest place on earth?

Many people left this world without fulfilling what their creator had instilled in them. They are so many ideas that were never acted on, that would have made the world a better place to live on, so many talents that were never used, so many unfulfilled potentials, legacies  that they went to their graves with ,They came to them but yet they failed to bring them to life, maybe these people were scared to take risks or they let fear cripple their dreams.The question is, are you going to bring your ideas,dreams, purpose to life or are you going with them to your grave? You decide.



Your silent friends and family

One day you will know that you have silent friends and family when things in your life turn upside down in a split seconds and you think you are finished, when you think that your life is over. They will only  come into your life when you need them the most to pump more hope, pump more strength so that you can back on your feet again. Their role is to watch, respect, love and pray for you from a distance.

“Stay safe good people wherever you are”

Mind, body and soul….

It’s important to pay attention and listen to your mind, body, soul, spirit, intuition, your pure natural energy, small voice in your heart …etc. Don’t turn a blind eye on them, Don’t ignore them, Because all of them and more were instilled in us by our creator so that he can be able to communicate with us through them in everyday of our lives to warn, guide, to help us discover who we are and to help us  make informed decisions.


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Positive mindset will set you free

When you are armed with a positive mindset you can never be defeated, you can fly high in silent and have the power to touch the sky like an eagle, fly above the negativity like an eagle, You can rise from the mud have the courage to go on when you don’t the strength do so. Did you know that you are holding the keys of your own life? All you have to do is to unlock and set yourself free from negative energy you have surrounded yourself with and hold you back.