It’s normal to feel embarrassed and angry every time we fail, Every time when things don’t go according to plan. When we move or channel our energy in the wrong direction, we fail, we don’t archive our goals or reach our destination, but what we can learn from failure is that it’s a God’s way of saying “EXCUSE ME” you are moving in the wrong direction, It’s a God’s way of “STOPPING” us from moving or channelling our energy in the wrong direction. It’s a God’s way of saying you are not doing things the “RIGHT” way. It’s a lesson, so pay attention.



Just like lotus you too have the ability to rise from the mud, Bloom out of the darkness and radiate in to the world. You have the ability to set your own goals and achieve them and not  benchmark yourself with other people’s accomplishment and goals. The ability to soar like an eagle, to walk in your road and not expect anyone to walk it for you, the ability to find your worth within yourself. You can do it, you are able


Have you lost hope and faith?

Let God give you a soul that never loses faith in him even things don’t go according to plan, the strength to keep praying. Let him hear you when you cry for help, rescue you from all your troubles and restore your hope and faith.


It doesn’t hurt to forgive


It’s easy to be angry, to make rude gestures and swear, but is isn’t easy to be forgiving or let go of the anger. Being forgiving doesn’t mean we have to be pushed around or put up with nonsense. It simply means seeing things from other person’s point of view and to bear in my mind that anyone we come into contact with may have had a really bad time before they got to us.


Keeping moral high ground taste thousand times better than revenge ever would

It’s really, really tough when people are being horrid to you, it’s only natural to get angry and to want to lash out, well don’t. Once this rough time has passed you will be so proud of yourself for keeping your moral high ground that it will taste a thousand times better than revenge ever would.

Revenge is tempting, but don’t go there, why? because it demeans you, cheapens you and you will be sinking to their level . Try to calm yourself down before you respond and slow to become angry, it does not mean that you’re a pushover. It just means that any action you take will be honest, dignified and clean.


The power of positive words

Words of encouragement works like energy pills that can give us the strength that we need to overcome the obstacles. Have courage to follow your dreams and you will stand a good chance to become who you were created to be. Have courage to never change your originality because no one can play your role or serve your purpose better than you, never surrender your dreams and hopes to the ill- fated limitations.


You become what you do with time

We all know that we cannot relive the past moments,that time lost can never be retrieved. Whatever you do with your time determines what you become in time. What we presently become is a result of what we did with our time last year.

What matters is not what could not do with our time so far, but is what we can still do. Let’s start to use our time differently to fulfil our purpose from now on.

If we do not start now then when?


Don’t let your dreams die a slow painful death

All of us have dreams. We have businesses we want to start, academic prominence to attain and so much more, but one of the questions we fail to ask ourselves is ‘why not today or why can’t today be the start of that dream.


Businesses we want to start


We put so much hope in doing it, we harbour the doubts for so long. It seems we are spending our lives preparing to take off, instead of actually taking off. We are so embarrassed by failure and crippled by fear that we would rather watch our dreams die a slow painful death than to actually try to succeed.


Academic prominence to attain


What matters is not how many times we fail, but what we learn from it. Start to pursue your dreams than to swallow the bitter pill of regret. Rather be remembered for who you were than who you wanted to be